BRIAN LARA 153* Genius! The Greatest 4th innings knock in Test cricket history!- (HQ)1999 Barbados

LARA vs MCGRATH. Brian Lara 153 not out guides his team for an epic and thrilling 1 wicket win chasing 308! Throughout this epic performance Lara knew he could not afford to make a single mistake. Throughout, the Australians fought for his wicket tooth and nail but Lara refused to oblige. Instead he constructed a masterpiece of batting that turned impending defeat into sudden and unexpected victory.

West Indies’ position continued to deteriorate on Day Five till they were 105 for 5. Now Lara made his move, slipping through the gears, pressing hard upon the accelerator, taking the corners as fast as he dared and hoping that colleagues could survive in his slipstream. Jimmy Adams obliged, defending obdurately as the score mounted. Meanwhile, the ground was filling as news spread that West Indies were putting up a fight and that Lara was still batting. Ben stokes 258

As Wisden put it, he had “guided his team to victory as though leading the infirm through a maze”.